Some Historical Highlights 1996-2002

1997-Holding hands around the state-house

1997 Holding hands around the State House

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1996 Denominational executives and Council establish Sabbath of Support to speak against church burning. Council begins Sabbath of Support Project to work on the systemic issues of racism and race relations in the society. Julia Sibley is hired as Director of the project.

1997 Council organizes (with many partners) a Witness For Reconciliation – trying to transfer the Confederate battle flag from the state-house dome to another place of honor. Seven hundred religious leaders sign newspaper ad; 500 join in silent vigil surrounding the state-house and praying for the legislators who are making decisions about the flag. The silent vigil witness included leaders from 11 Christian denominations as well as th Baha’i, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Unitarian Universalist faith traditions.

1999 Led in building a coalition to build awareness and educate congregations and the public to the destructive nature of video poker. Courts ruled video poker unconstitutional the month before the statewide referendum.

Dr. L. Wayne Brian retired after a decade of service.

1999 Rev. Brenda Kneece's Installation service in the church
The Reverend Brenda Lynn Kneece began her tenure as Executive Minister on December 1, 1999. Above, the newly installed President, Dr. Richard F. Dozier, places multicolored clerical stole around Brenda Kneece’s shoulders during her installation as Executive Minister. The stole represents the great diversity within the Body of Christ. Installation was January 20, 2000, at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Columbia, SC.

Sea of people looking at SC Capitol

Sea of people looking at SC Capitol

2000 After years of calling for the removal of the Confederate Flag from the Statehouse Dome and legislative chambers, the Council alongside many other organizations participated in the historic King Day at the Dome March and Rally. Conservative estimates placed the crowd at 45,000 plus.

In July by legislative action, both flags were removed from the legislative chambers and the flag on the dome was relocated to the Confederate Soldiers’ Monument on the north side of the Statehouse at Main and Gervais.

40,000+ down Gervais Street

40,000+ down Gervais Street


Kneece, McClain, and Bryan in suites and smiling Brenda Kneece, Howard McClain, and Wayne Bryan Annual Meeting 2002

Kneece, McClain, and Bryan in suites and smiling
Brenda Kneece, Howard McClain, and Wayne Bryan
Annual Meeting 2002

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