Some Historical Highlights 1933-1962

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1933 Establishment of “South Carolina Federated Forces for Temperance and Law Enforcement” to forestall the repeal of the 18th Amendment.

1946 In post World War II years, the Temperance strategy in South Carolina changed from Prohibition to Local Option.

1950 Name changed to “Temperance League of South Carolina”. Howard G. McClain elected Executive Secretary.

1951 Name changed to “Christian Action Council”, a new constitution was written to include:1951 Picture

a. Aid in promotion of relevant social, educational, and action programs of cooperating denominations.

b. Serve as a liaison agency between churches and important movements for moral and social welfare in the state.

1952 Merger of Christian Action Council and the South Carolina Association for Alcohol Education. This made The Council racially inclusive – the first integrated organization to receive support from both predominately Black and White denominations.

Adopted a statement to retain the constitutional mandate for mandatory public education of all students. This was The Council’s first public action related to race relations.

1956 Annual adult and intercollegiate seminars with prominent state and national leaders.

1960 Decade of “Social Concerns Conferences” begins.

1962 October 6 statement by Council’s President sets tone for Harvey Gantt’s admission to Clemson in January 1933.

1962 - Crowd holds up sign in capital steps "The poor have suffered enough"

1962 – Crowd holds up sign in capital steps “The poor have suffered enough”


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