The mission of the South Carolina Christian Action Council (SCCAC) is:

  • To promote and facilitate dialogue among diverse Christian traditions on matters of belief and practice; and
  • To work in partnership to:

Advocate for social justice,
Promote peace-making, and
Foster racial and cultural healing and reconciliation.

Because we believe:

  • That God is Lord over individuals, the structures of society, and all of creation. That Lordship includes our personal and community life, our institutions, our moral and ethical decisions, and our stewardship of the environment.
  • That the Gospel of Jesus Christ has both personal and social dimensions. Christians are called to be partners with God in those personal and social dimensions, making life full and free for all people.
  • That Christ’s Church is one body. Christian denominations, congregations, and individuals must work together if we are to accomplish God’s mission.

Our compelling vision:

South Carolina as a community where people of faith unite to glorify God through worship, social justice, peace, and mercy.