Suggested Music RJS 2019

Hope Will Not Disappoint Us

Catherine Combier-Donovan

Suggested Music Resources

Theme Music: Hope Will Not Disappoint* – D. Haas



Romans 5 – HOPE

Christ, Be Our Light* – Farrell   (OCP)

If You Will Only Let God Guide You*

In Christ Alone* – Getty & Townsend (Thank You Music) 

You Are Mine* – Haas   (GIA)

As We Gather at Your Table – C. Daw   (HPC)(NETTLETON)  New Trinitarian text

God, We Praise You   (NETTLETON), (ODE TO JOY) & 6 more tunes

John 16: 12-25

O Spirit All-Embracing – D. Dufner (GIA)(THAXTED)  New text

Racial Justice

Black Lives Matter – R. Duck

How Tragic, O God* – R. Duck

Healing River of the Spirit*- R. Duck  (BEACH SPRING)

Diverse in Culture, Nation, Race – R. Duck   (TALLIS CANON)                

O God of Every Nation*   (HPC)(PASSION CHORALE)

Lead Me, Guide Me* – D. Akers


Catherine Combier-Donovan, MLS
Pastoral Associate for Liturgy & Adult Faith Formation
St. John Neumann Catholic Church
Columbia, SC