Racial Justice Sunday June 16, 2019

Recognizing Injustice, Working for Justice the Racial Justice and Healing Work Group of the South Carolina Christian Action Council offers the following Worship Resources for use on Sunday, June 16, 2019, or in any service which best serves your congregation. All resources are offered sacrifically and may be adapted as needed and used without attribution.

Commentary on Lectionary Readings

A Prayer of Confession by the Reverend Thomas Summers, UM Clergy  (retired)
Father’s Day Prayer for Racial Justice on Trinity Sunday by Father Sandy McDonald, Pastor, St. John Neumann Catholic Church, Polo Road, Columbia

Sample Sermons
We’re All in the Same Boat Now  by the Reverend Rosalyn Coleman, Presiding Elder, Columbia District, African Methodist Episcopal Church, South Carolina

– Hope Will Not Disappoint Us by the Reverend Doctor Marion Aldridge, Writer and Published Author, Pastor, Speaker, Pastors’ Friend, Ecumenist,
Denominational Leading-Servant as Coordinator for Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of SC (retired)

Lesson and Discussion for Older Teens and Adults
Writer: Sister Roberta Fulton, SSMN

Suggested Music
Compiler: Catherine Combier-Donovan


This will get you started. We have a few more resources to prepare to postalmost ready to post.