Dear Friend of Justice and Unity:

Your generous and faithful support of the South Carolina Christian Action Council makes possible the Council’s visible witness to unity and on-going work for justice. Since the 1950s, your Council —Black and White, female and male, laity and clergy, Protestant and Catholic, congregational and hierarchical, free worship and high worship— is Christian denominations living and working together.

Together we have participated in rallies, attended and testified in Legislative committees, read and discussed books, and engaged in many conversations seeking understanding. Together we advocate for justice with members of the SC Legislature, the SC Congressional Delegation, and among our own congregations and friends. Together we raise a compassionate Christian voice for wholeness in our bruised and broken world.

This year your Council has worked for Racial Justice and Healing, legislation to reduce gun violence, accessible and affordable healthcare for all, full and equitable funding for SC Public Schools, and on other justice issues. We will continue in the coming to year to raise a reasoned Christian voice as we live and work together for the Common Good.

Your financial support is vital. Thank you donating so that our living and working together to make our world more compassionate and just continues.  

Support unity and justice today!